FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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    • How long are the classes?

    • You start with four hours of classroom training during one weeknight (Either Wednesday or Thursday from 6pm-10pm). That is followed by two consecutive six hour days (Saturday and Sunday from 8am-2pm) of on-motorcycle training that takes place at the Iron Pony Riding Academy Range. Total training time is 16 hours.

      What do I need to wear to the classes?

    • You can dress casually for the four hour classroom portion of the program. For the on-motorcycle training at the Iron Pony Riding Academy range, you must wear the following; Sturdy, over-the-ankle closed toe footwear, full fingered gloves, long sleeve shirt or jacket, full length pants without holes (preferably jeans), and eye protection (sun or prescription glasses are acceptable). Other suggested items are foul-weather gear and sunblock as the training is conducted rain or shine. www.ironpony.com

      Do I need my own helmet?

    • No, as part of the program, Iron Pony Riding Academy will loan you with a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmet. Eye protection is required if you choose to wear a helmet without a face shield. www.ironpony.com

      Can I ride my own bike?

    • Iron Pony Riding Academy encourages you to ride on of the training bikes that is provided for you. However, if you choose to ride your own motorcycle or scooter, it must be 500cc or smaller in engine displacement. It must be manufactured for highway use (street legal) and be currently licensed and insured (proof of insurance must be provided to the instructors). An instructor will inspect the student motorcycle or scooter for road worthiness prior to the first riding exercise. The student may then use their motorcycle or scooter in the class after a successful inspection and approval by the IP-RA instructor. Please note that three-wheeled motorcycles or scooters are not permitted in IP-RA courses at this time. By riding your own motorcycle or scooter, you assume all risk associated with damage that might occur to your motorcycle if you were to have an accident while training.

      Is the class less expensive if I use my own bike?

    • No, while the cost of the class includes the use of an Iron Pony Riding Academy motorcycle, no discount is available if you choose to ride your own motorcycle or scooter.

      Do you cancel class if it rains?

    • The safety of our students and instructors is our first priority. Training on the range will continue during periods of light rain and wind. At their discretion, instructors may postpone or suspend training if conditions become hazardous. Students should prepare to arrive at their scheduled class even if inclement weather is forecasted. If rain is expected you should consider bringing foul-weather gear.

      Does Iron Pony Riding Academy offer the Motorcycle Skills Test?

    • No. IP-RA offers the Basic Rider System. Taking the Basic Rider System will teach the fundamentals of riding a motorcycle and is great for both beginning and intermediate riders who have been off a bike for an extended period of time. Successful completion of the Basic Rider System will result in a completion card that will allow you to bypass the Motorcycle Skills Test.

      Do I need my temporary motorcycle permit?

    • Yes. While not necessary for the classroom portion of the course, the temporary instruction permit identification card (TIPIC) is required before the first day of on-bike motorcycle training. Failure to produce your TIPIC on the first day of on-bike motorcycle training will result in automatic failure of the course.
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